COVID-19 Rules and Expectations

Nassau Swim Club is looking forward to hosting members this summer. The club has adopted guidelines outlined by the state of New Jersey in accordance to Executive Order No. 153 (2020) and Executive Order No. 192 (2021). In order for us to provide a safe and healthy facility, we need to have the cooperation of all members. Before your first visit, please download and bring a signed copy of our COVID-19 waiver. Copies will also be available at check in. Please read the following information carefully before your first visit. You may also want to refer to the New Jersey COVID-19 Outdoor Pool Standards.

What you can expect from Nassau:

  • Nassau Swim Club has developed and implemented a COVID-19 Pool Operation Prevention Plan (CPOPP) that complies with the N.J. Executive Order No. 153 (2020) Executive Order No. 192 (2021). This plan has been approved by Princeton’s Health Department. Click here to see the Plan.
  • Bathrooms will be cleaned with EPA approved products.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the check in table. Alcohol spray will be available for use on chairs, tables and loungers. Extra cleaning supplies will be available in the bathrooms.
  • Nassau will not be providing use of kickboards or noodles.
  • Nassau will be communicating weekly with its members to remind them of guidelines and update the membership on any COVID-19 matters.
  • Nassau will accept guests this summer, all guests must sign a Covid-19 waiver upon entrance of the facility.
  • Nassau’s COVID-19 Ambassadors: Brooktree Ambassadors LLC will monitor and encourage crowd control and social distance.

What you can expect from our Trained Pool Operator: Candlewood Management Services, Inc. (CMS):

  • CMS staff (including lifeguards and supervisor on duty) will have been provided COVID awareness training in their employee handbook.
  • CMS staff will sign in each day and self-screen regarding any signs and symptoms for COVID-19.
  • Chlorine levels will be slightly elevated per governor’s mandate.
  • Lifeguards will not be wearing masks while on duty.
  • Candlewood will not be monitoring member behavior regarding mask wearing and social distancing. This role will be assumed by Brooktree Ambassadors LLC. See above.

What we expect from Nassau Members:

  • The pool house is a recommended mask up area. Members entering and exiting the facility, signing in and while using the bathrooms and changing areas, should wear a face mask. The exception is for children under 2 years old.
  • Members will sign in at each visit, show membership card, self screen for symptoms of COVID-19, and have a signed liability waiver on file. Hand sanitizer will be available at check in table.
  • Members will stay 6 feet apart or wear a face mask if 6 feet distancing cannot be maintained. Members will use social distancing markings on pool deck and sidewalk as a guide.
  • Members will remain 6 feet apart from others in the pool (except members of their own household).
  • Foot coverings must be worn in the bathrooms, per N.J. Executive Order 153 (2020).
  • Members that plan to use Nassau’s chairs, tables and loungers, should use the available alcohol spray to sanitize before use. Members are encouraged to bring their own beach chairs and blankets
  • Members are encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer as a back up and for convenience
  • Finally, it is incumbent on all members of Nassau Swim Club to self monitor their actions while at the pool and follow the guidelines set forth above. Nassau reserves the right to adjust “Rules and Expectations” as needed.

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